Define Yourself with Training at San Antonio Gym

Are you serious about your fitness? We are. At our gym in San Antonio, located in the Ingram Park area, we offer training options that range from 1-on-1 personal training to individual training and small group programs.

Personal training is your chance to learn from a fitness expert, someone who will guide, encourage and support you every step of the way. Trainers help you identify achievable goals and develop a routine of fitness activities you’ll enjoy and commit to. Consider it personal coaching that’s designed for you to succeed. Even if you’ve been at the gym for awhile, a personal trainer can help you add spark to your routine and crush limiting plateaus. We’ll take you to next level fitness no matter your starting point! If weight loss solutions in San Antonio are your goal, personal trainers can help you get started down the right path with nutritional guidance and exercise advice. We even offer 3D body scanners — you just need to take the first step.

Signature training at World Gym Ingram Park includes HIIT camp and athletic training programs for improved performance and power. For individual training that strengthens core muscles and boosts stamina and range of motion, functional training equipment includes kettlebells, bands, boxes, slam balls, medicine balls and more.

Don’t limit yourself to mediocre fitness. Accept the challenge and launch your fitness to new heights. We believe in fitness excellence. And it shows.

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Free Fitness Evaluation

Join our gym in San Antonio and get a free fitness evaluation! We'll help you set achievable goals & find a routine that's geared toward success.

Excellent Service

We're all about fitness excellence. World Gym Ingram Park is dedicated to providing the best experience possible for every member & guest of our facility.  

Signature Training

From low impact exercise to hard core athletics, signature training programs at our San Antonio gym are results-driven and fun -- and that's our fitness truth!  

Wellness Programs

World Gym Ingram Park offers fitness programs that are designed to relax, restore, & improve whole body health & wellness. We are fitness defined.